National Road Race Championships
06. 27

Laura and Jess raced hard against 50 top canadian women. In the end it came down to an agressive bunch sprint with Laura near the front just outside top 10. The mens race was exciting with attacks and breakaways. All the men on the team were involved in the action and Marcel made the mid race break that stuck, which shattered near the end for marcel to make the top 20.

Gallery - Nationals
06. 25

Some photos from the Time Trial and Road Race in Edmonton.

National TT Championships
06. 25

The roads of Edmonton provided a flat gusty time trial course, with a short steep hill to throw off your rhythm. Laura Brown was able to set a fast time placing her 5th in the Elite womens 21 km TT, with Jessica close behind in 8th. In the Mens 40 km TT Cyrus unleashed with a 10th place, and Jamie 12th.
Banff Bike Fest
06. 17-20

The team showed a strong presence at this years Mt Hood Cycling Classic. Throught the Mountains and Time Trials the Team was on the podium nearly every stage. Not until the final stage did the team take the top step in both the Mens and Womens Crit

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Mt Hood Cycling Classic

The Team showed a strong presence at this years mt hood cycling classic. Throughout the mountains and time trials the team was on the podium nearly everystage. Not until the final stage did the team take the top step on the podium in both the mens and womens Crit.

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Bastion Square Crit

A great day for The Team as Leah outsprinted olympian Erin Willock at the finish to take the win out of the 5 person breakaway.

In the mens race crashes and attrition whittled the field to the end. Cyrus went on a 4 lap solo mission only to get caught on the final lap. Dan was ready to pounce at the sprint finish placing 4th with Marcel right behind in 5th.

Provincial Road Race Champs

It was a rainy and cold day racing out in sooke but that didn't dampen the spirits of the team. In the Womens race it was young gun Jasmin storming to a 2nd place, with Jess 3rd, and Leah 4th. Laura and Sarah finished in the main bunch in 8th and 11th. In the men's race an early break of 12 got away on the first climb with Jamie, Marcel, and Cyrus in it. In the end the break shattered and Jamie was one of the few left standing and landed a podium in 3rd. Cyrus finished in a small group behind for 7th.
Enumclaw Stage Race

Another Great weekend for the team. Jamie and Cyrus showed their TT strength with 2nd and 4th.The women raced the crit strong with guest rider Jasmine in 3rd and Leah 5th. Then in the road race Leah threw down the W.
In the mens road race the team got Marcel in the early break that stayed to the finish for Marcel 3rd. GC results and race report...
Wenatchee Omnium

Awesome weekend for the Team in Wenatchee WA. Sarah was showing great form with a 3rd TT, 2nd Crit and 6th RR to place 3rd overall. Jess Won the RR and was 4th overall, with Leah 3rd in the RR and 5th overall. Jamie threw down a solid TT in 4th,and a 2nd in the crit and RR to finish 2nd overall. Marcel worked hard for Jamie and was 7th in the Crit and 10th in the RR. Cyrus was 7th and 9th in TT and Crit.
Race the Ridge

The Maple Ridge Stage Race was a show down against the top teams in BC. The team started the weekend off with Marcel winning the Road Race. In the Time Trial both Jamie and Laura set the fastest times. In the Overall GC Laura took top spot with Sarah in 4th and Jess in 5th. Jamie placed 2nd in the Men’s GC.
Tour of Walla Walla

The rolling hills of Walla Walla saw some exciting racing with the first stage race of the year. The Team raced to numerous podium finished, including road race, TT and GC results. click here to read the race report...




Kelowna Sunday Ride starts from the downtown Bean Scene at 9 am.

Local Tuesday Time Trials and Thursday Crits start May 4th and 6th.
















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