Enumclaw Stage Race

On May long weekend, the team headed down to Washington for the annual Mutual of Enumclaw Stage Race. The riders faced cool temperatures and buckets of rain but nonetheless, everyone pushed on through the less than ideal conditions and ended up with some great results.

On the women’s side, we had Sarah, Leah, Jess, and junior guest rider, Jasmine Glaesser racing. Laura was MIA with food poisoning. For the men’s team we had Jamie, Cyrus, Marcel, and out of retirement Cory Forrest. The time trial was a 10.4km horse-shoe style course that was mostly flat with one short ‘popper.’ Sarah was our top women’s finisher and second Canadian rider in 9th place, with Jess and Leah finishing right behind in 10th and 11th. With only a ~1:20 separating first place with Jasmine in 20th, we knew that there was going to be some aggressive racing for the remainder of the weekend to work our riders up in GC. On the men’s side Jamie showed his TT power to place second to former Pro Ian McKissick. Cyrus threw down a wicked TT as well in 4th, and Cofo a minute back in 17th.

Later that evening, the team headed out again to the criterium. With the team tent almost blowing away and rollers too slippery to ride from the rain, everyone was feeling a bit nervous and excited about the technical figure-8 course. Due to the corners and slick conditions, a split was established with Jasmine in it and was joined quickly by Leah who had bridged up solo by navigating through a shattered field of over 60 women. They gained about 2 minutes on the main pack, where Jess and Sarah were. The breakaway had most of the GC leaders in it and came down to a sprint finish with Jasmine sprinting strong to 3rd place (in her junior gears to boot) and Leah in 5th. In the mens race it was all about getting time bonuses and maintaining GC spots. Everything went according to planned with Jamie scooping up 6 seconds of time bonuses and Marcel 7th in the bunch finish, and everyone safely in the pack.

The third and final stage was a 94km road race, involving a 3km climb every lap. The TR women set hard tempo on the second climb and established a break of 10 riders, including Jasmine, Jess, and Leah. Many of the GC women were missing from the break so everyone was working hard to keep it away. Sarah was in the main pack supporting th team by making sure if any GC rider were to try to bridge up to the break, she would go with her. Leah was sitting in second now so on the final climb and stretch to the finish, Jasmine and Jess were attacking the race leader to tire her out and possibly get Leah away to gain some valuable time. But it ended up coming down to a sprint finish. Leah took the sprint long with 500m to go and won the road race! Jasmine rolled in 5th, Jess 9th, and Sarah finished strong in 16th.

In the Men’s road race, the team got an early break away with Marcel and 3 other riders. The break quickly established a 4 minute lead and forced Mckissick and his lenovo team to work to bring it back. As fireworks went off within the field on the 4th of 5 times up the hill, Jamie got an ill timed flat. Cofo selflessly sacrificed his wheel for Jamie, and Cyrus waited to help catch back onto the pack. The duo burned all their matches catching back onto the shattered pack, and were back at the front by the top of the climb. With no more power left in the pack to chase down the leaders, Marcel was put against some of the top sprinters in the field and finished a respectable 3rd. Jamie and Cyrus rolled in with the lead peleton.

Final GC
2. Leah Guloien (Total Restoration Cycling Team) 3:41:13
4. Jasmine Glaeser (Total Restoration Cycling Team) 3:41:49
7. Jessica Hannah (Total Restoration Cycling Team) 3:42:59
13. Sarah Stewart (Total Restoration Cycling Team) 3:50:04

4. Marcel Aarden (Total Restoration Cycling Team) 4:19:30
6. Jamie Sparling (Total Restoration Cycling Team) 4:19:41
7. Cyrus Kangarloo (Total Restoration Cycling Team) 4:19:53






Kelowna Sunday Ride starts from the downtown Bean Scene at 9 am.

Local Tuesday Time Trials and Thursday Crits start May 4th and 6th.



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