Mt Hood Stage Race

*Women's race 4 stages, Men's race 6.

Womens Report

Mt. Adams Road Race

Today’s race consisted of lots of rain, snow banks, gravel and mossy, wet roads.  The race started with ~20km climb with multiple attacks launched, followed by a long mountain descent with another 8 km climb. Despite multiple attempts to breakaway, everything was brought back quite quickly. Metromint and Total Restoration decided that it was going to come down to a sprint finish. Metromint came to the front with about 5 km to go and started to set the tempo. Guest rider, Tricia Bailey and Leah Guloien were up at the front getting set up for a lead out. At about 600m to go, Leah chose to attack, as she was getting boxed in and started to get impatient. Unfortunately, Jennifer Wheeler from Haagens Berman jumped on Leah’s wheel and got a lead out for 1st. Tricia was able to stay in with the mix of things and took 2nd with a 6 second time bonus, while Laura Brown took 5th.

The Time Trial

As we pulled up to the parking lot of today’s race, we could see chairs, bikes, people, clothes etc. getting tossed around by the strong gusts of wind.  It was insane out there and it definitely played a factor in how the 30km, hilly and technical course would be ridden.  Most of the girls on TR opted to not use a disc, except for Laura Brown, our TT specialist. With all of her track experience and experience racing with a disc wheel, she felt confident it was the best choice and in the end it was.  Laura took 3rd place, while Tricia pulled off a strong 6th place.  Some great results; however, Laura was 1:22 down and Tricia was 1:28 down from the race leader, Molly Van Houweling.  This meant we needed a break away to occur in the next day’s road race in order to move up in GC!

Wy’ East Road Race

Today’s stage consisted of lots of descending and lots of climbing.  The race finished at the Mt Hood Meadows Ski Resort after almost 40 km of continuous climbing with a significant 3km climb to the top. Early on, Sarah Stewart put in some fierce attacks forcing The GC riders to chase. No breakaways were able to stick until Sarah attacked again with 30 km to go and soon gaining a 2 minute lead.  Initially no one chased her, it was great. She was out of sight and out of mind on the twisty, hilly mountain road. At about 20km to go, the GC riders were on the front driving the pace and at 5km to go the field caught the hero of the day, Sarah. At 3km to go, Laura’s front tire was completely flat and Jasmine selflessly gave up her wheel since Laura was high up pon GC. At this point Leah was sitting near the front following wheels. The field began to string out and soon enough Leah was surrounded by all of the climbers, there were five of them including herself. Unfortunately, Laura’s GC was over at that point as the climbers were already up the road by the time the wheel was changed. At about 2km to go, Leah was still with the front 4 riders; however, the effects of 116km of racing in the mountains set in and she fell back to take 6th place.  We didn’t move up to where we wanted to in GC, but we rode together as a team and we were aggressive.

Hood River Criterium

Today we woke up to torrential downpour. We soon learned that the criterium was going to be taken out the GC, which was not appreciated our team who tends to excel in rainy, technical crits. But nonetheless, we were still eager to race, put on a show, and take the win. With the weather making the course slippery and the riders nervous, we decided that we needed to be aggressive from the gun.  Sue Butler and Laura set the pace from the start and the field was strung out immediately. Everyone was nervous taking the corners fast and there was a lot of hesitation that worked in our favour.  Leah, Tricia, Laura, and Jasmine made several attempts to get in a break, but Sue Butler and a couple of other riders kept closing the gap.  At about 3 laps to go Leah attacked and got away with Jade Wilcoxson from Flywheel Bicycle Solutions.  The break was soon shut down and Jasmine counter attacked at the base of the hill forcing Sue Butler to chase her down. When Jasmine was caught Tricia attacked and when she was caught Leah countered attacked up the final climb, took the final corner first, and sprinted to the finish taking the big win! Laura was close behind coming in 3rd, while Jasmine took 5th. TR took 4 out of the top 10 spots. It was a good way to end a hard, four day stage race, and we definitely showed some great teamwork and results.


Mens report, stolen from Jamies Blog

This past week I raced the Mt hood Cycling Classic. Here is my completely biased and warped race report. To make this easier, DL one of the two DJ sets (spin VII is BANGIN'!) and let it try to counteract the self-loving, i-am-awesome-type-flare of this post.

Prologue - 6km ITT.

It was dark. It was Bright. It was Slick. It was Wet.
Unfortunately i forgot to take off my high heels before the start and I rode the corners in a way that resembles how Nancy Drew solves mysteries.
Bonus Note: I think this is the first time I have gone sub 100psi in an ITT.

Stage 1 - Mt Tabour Criterium. Aka 90 minutes of hill repeats.

I spent most of the night off the front in failed breakaways... But i totally got some play on the pa system. ( i am such an attention whore.). Marcel rolled in for a solid 7th! Not too shab.
Bonus Note: Our tires are a TRILLION times better than anyones. We stuck to the ground like glue even though it was wet.

Stage 2 - **NEW** Mt Adams RR. 170km with 2300m of elevation gain.

I found the break again today. Suffered hard. Flatted. Got Back to the front. Got punted on the last KOM. I have not bonked like this in years. Nic Hams won this stage and stuck the break. What a champ. Seriously Epic win. Cyfi rolled in for 5th... top 5 WORD! Marcelsgalaxy rolled in the lead group as well.
Bonus Notes:
-Cyrus Rode through a snow bank
-The feed zone was so well place!! - on a mach 7 downhill right after a surprise section of gravel.

Stage 3 - ITT 30km.

One of the most windy and windy courses ever.
Bonus Note: Best course ever.

Stage 4 - Wy East RR 150km

This was hard from the beginning. No one wanted to let a break go. Finally at about 95kms I counter-attacked some serious GC spice. This formed the most hopeless break of the week. Myself and one other conquered the next hour or so of headwind uphill by ourselves about a minute up on the pack. We got brought back with about 20km to go. I instantly pulled the chute and sat back while super-climber-11-year-old-impersonator Marcel piloted his bike to 2nd place. SNAP! Mad props. Marcel raced like a super champ.
Bonus Notes
- Marcel moved into top 10 on GC
- I saw my first ever violent carbon failure. Jason Thomson, of LGevo, hit a pot hole on a super fast descent. His rear wheel exploded. Mad Props for keeping it upright!

Stage 5 - 60 Minute Rain Crit

I love rain Crits. We have done so many. My stress-o-meter was honestly at 0 before the start.
I found the break again today and then sprinted to a much needed and desired Dub.
Bonus Notes:
-Cyrus crashed on the last corner and then ran his bike in. He then bowed to the crowd.
-The break decided not to lap the field so we spent a good 20 minutes riding SOOOOO easy. Some lady yelled "do you want some mittens for your tea party." we all had the energy to laugh.
-Marcel finished 8th on GC, top Canadian. RESPECT








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