Gallery - Banff Bike Fest
06. 17-20

Some photos from the race.
Gallery - Enumclaw
05. 22-23

Enumclaw stage race was as cool as the name sounds. Here are a few pics from the weekend.
Gallery - Race the Ridge
05. 1-2

Photos from the The Maple Ridge Stage Race.
Gallery - Tour of Walla Walla

Some Crit and Road Race photos from the weekend in Walla Walla, Washington.
Spring Series #6 &7

Some pictures from the Spring Series #6 courtesy of Doug Brons. Sundays race was rainy and Tim was on hand to snap some photos.
Spring Series #2 & 3

Some pictures from the Spring Series #3, Armstrong hill. The Team got 4 riders in an early break, and set Tim up for the hill top win.

Photos courtesy of Alex Pope and Doug Brons
2009 Season

Here's a rondom mix of photos from the teams stellar 2009 season.




Kelowna Sunday Ride starts from the downtown Bean Scene at 9 am.

Local Tuesday Time Trials and Thursday Crits start May 4th and 6th.



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